When AI and humans collaborate bizarre and amazing art is produced.

When AI and humans collaborate, bizarre and amazing art is produced.

humans collaborate bizarre amazing Is art in danger from artificial intelligence? Not likely, according to artist Alexander Reben, who has worked with AI for a number of years. In fact, a fascinating new era that alters how we view creativity itself may be about to begin.

I was having a creative slump in 2020. Relationships, meetings, and working methods were changing as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Like many others, I found it difficult to be inspir while we were all geographically separat from one another. But amidst all the confusion and ambiguity, I came across an unanticipated partner: an AI.

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The GPT-3 machine learning algorithm, which can produce original text, was available to me at the time. For instance, if you input “The following is a description of a fish:,” you might receive the following response: A fish is a little animal with a long, slender body that is silver in colour. It has a forked tail and delicate, translucent fins. Its mouth is small, and its eyes are big and black. humans collaborate bizarre amazing

The AI writes it; it is not taken from the internet. GPT-3 is capable of far more than just a few phrases, though; given the correct stimuli, it can also generate essays, fiction, and even articles like this one. Its writing frequently looks human. I experimented with a variety of output, including poems, science fiction stories, and dad jokes.

After a few weeks of testing, I realised the AI might potentially describe made-up works of art. I was thrill to learn that I could instruct it to write the kind of text you find on a wall label next to a piece at an art gallery. This would turn out to be the beginning of a wonderful collaborative adventure with GPT-3 and a collection of other AI art tools, producing work

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