MQM P withdraws from Sindh LG elections

MQM P withdraws  Referring to the elections as “already rigged,” Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui exhorts the populace to abstain.

MQM-P withdraws from Sindh LG elections

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) announced in the early hours of. Sunday that it would boycott the second round of the local government elections. G) in Sindh, just hours before the. Plls, whi  h en marre  by delays, were schedule to be h  in a number of districts throughout the province. The Sindh administration said that the local body elections will be postpone after the party wanted new delineations; however, the Election Commission of. Pakistan (ECP) insisted that the elections proceed as scheduled on January 15 without additional delay.

On July 24 of last year, the second round of LG elections was suppo   to be hel but the . Sindh government cancelled them due to a lack of police and security due to flooding. The elections were later move  up to October 23 and August 28. After great anticipati , the electi  will finally be held tomorrow. MQM-P Convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool spoke at a press conference with the party’s top leadership and said. Elect s for local bodi have already been rigg . As a result, we decline to accept the polls.”

The election commission was establish , Dr. Siddiqui continu  in order to handle the voting process transparently. “The electoral commission, however, has not upheld its duty to carry out its primary mandate. The group objected to this

Up until now [January 15], we have fought for justice. The provincial administration also brought up the constituency boundaries with the ECP, “added he. However, he asserted that the ECP ignored the MQM-pleadings. P’s All of Muttahida’s efforts were direct  toward properly representing the city, not toward becoming mayor “He was emphatic. He continued by saying that because “there is no voter list or delimitations adequately controlled by the. ECP,” the city will not recognise these elections. “

As a result, the party is abstaining from today’s local body elections in. Potest, he said, urging the people of the city to do the same. He adde  that the MQM-concerns P’s   ot taken into considerat by the ECP. Because of this, he declared, “we will not take part in elections that will not result in democracy and that will not reflect a mandate.” The MQM-P leader urged people to remain at home and take part in the demonstration. He emphasi  that the reason is that the outcom of today’s elect won’t be known by the general public.

The celebration organiser predicted that the true successor to the city “will return again.” The MQM-P will begin its coordinated and organised operation [for the general elections] on January 16th, he continued.

In the interim, a central control room h  constructed at the Islamabad Secretariat of the. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to oversee the polls taking place on January 15 in Hyderabad and Karachi (Sunday). Accordi o a statement from an ECP spokeswoman, the control room will begin ope  on Saturda. January 14, and will run continuously until the final result is rec . Senior officers will watch the election from the control room, and the secretaries of the electoral body and the special secretaries would watch from the. Provincial Election Commission Sindh office in Karachi.

ECP issued a warning that it would not allow any interference with or disruption of the voting process. Election code offenders would face immediate action. The spokeswoman also said that complaints about polli coul  made 24 hours a day at 051-9204402, 051-9204403, 051-9210837, and 051-9210838. The control room might also receive complaints through fax at 051-9204404 or via email at [email protected]

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