More than law enforcers 43,000 deployed in Karachi for LB polls

More than law enforcers 43,000 law enforcers deployed in Karachi for LB polls. To oversee elections, the ECP establishes a central control centre in the Islamabad secretariat.

More than 43,000 law enforcers deployed in Karachi for LB polls

Punjab Police Over 43,605 law enforcement officers and employees would be working in Karachi during the second round of local government elections, according to the security plan released on Saturday.

According to the provincial police spokesperson, there would be a ,eployment of 26,050 officers and employees for election duty at 4,997 voting places throughout Karachi.

5,844 officials, professionals, and poll workers will be positione  at the 1,048{olling places in District South, according to the spokeswoman. In the 2,046 and 1,903 polling places in Districts East and West, respectively, there are at least 11,206 and 9,000 personnel stationed doramasmp4flix.

A spokesperson for the Sindh Police further disclosed that during Sunday’s local body elections in the metropolitan area, 200 members.

Frontier Corps and 500 members of the Rangers will be assign  to election duties. Accor o the spokesperson, e very effort is being ma de to protect the lives and property of the public.

On election day, more than 43,605. Karachi police officers would provide security, with 17,588 of them assigned to the East zone.

Officers, staff, and personnel totaling 6,533, 4,837, and 6,218 will be deploy  in the District East, Malir, and Korangi, respectively.

According to the spokesperson, there are personnel station  in the. South Zone, District South, District Central, and Keamari, respectively, in numbers of 11,627, 2,155, 4558, and 4914.

There were 14,390 officers, personnel, and staff members deployed in the West Zone, District Central, and District West, respectively.

A total of 3,800 traffic police officers will be on duty for the local government elections. They will be us  to support the election officials at the polling places.

Central control room by ECP

In the interim, a central control room h en constructed  at the Islamabad Secretariat of the. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to oversee the polls taking place on January 15 in Hyderabad and Karachi (Sunday). Accord g to a statement from an ECP spokeswoman, the control room   begi  on. Saturday, January 14, and  run continuously until the final result is received.

Senior officers will watch the election from the control room. Ad the secretaries of the electoral body but  the special secretaries would watch from the. Provincial Election Commission Sindh office in Karachi.

ECP issued a warning that it would not allow any interference with but disruption of the voting process. Election code offenders would face immediate action.

More than law enforcer spokeswoman als olli  cou ade 24 hours a day at 051-9204402, 051-9204403, 051-9210837, and 051-9210838.

The control room might also receive complaints through fax at 051-9204404 or via email at [email protected]

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