Voting underway for much awaited Karachi Hyderabad LG polls sans MQM-P

Voting underway for muchVoting underway for much i Hyderabad LG polls sans MQM-P. After a two-and-a-half-year wait, local elections are finally taking place in Hyderabad and Karachi.

Voting underway for much-awaited Karachi, Hyderabad LG polls sans MQM-P

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Voting for the eagerly anticipated local government (LG) polls has begun in the Karachi and Hyderabad Divisions. Voting started at 8 AM and will last until 5 PM. In the second round of Sindh’s local government elections, which are taking place in nine districts in Hyderabad division and seven districts in Karachi, more than 3.4 million people are exercising their right doramasmp4flix.

After numerous delays, postponements, and periods of uncertainty over a period. A two and a half years, the grassroots polls are finally taking place. One of the most well-liked parties in the two cities, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P.

Bycott  the electi since their dema o hold the LG elect ions using new voter li met. The party made the announcement of the boycott on Saturday night following the failure of daylong discussions with the provincia. Government about the demand, which itself had earlier in the day made the last-ditch efforts to further delay the. LG elections in Hyderabad and Karachi citing security concerns. However, despite the Sindh government’s petition requesting a postponement, the Election Commission of. Pakistan (ECP) opted to proceed with the election.

By the time voting began, the relevant authorities had made sure that all polling places had employees and polling materials. However, due to the chilly morning weather, the voter participation remained low.

‘Polls being spoil ‘

Asad Umar, the secretary general of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), asserted that some voting places were still without election officials. He clai   that there are attempts bei e to rig the election.


Voting underway for much assistant presiding officer will distribute two ballots toda. One each in the colours green and blue—for the chairman and vice-chairman of the union council and the general members ward union council. In 246 union committees across seven Karachi districts, voting is taking place (Central, West, East, South, Korangi, Keamari and Malir)

In addition to the approximately 2,551 candidates running in Hyderabad, there are also 452 candidates in. Tando Muhammad Khan, 1,436 in Dadu, 839 in Jamshoro, 781 in Tando Allahyar, and 781 in Matiari. A spokeswoman for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) stated that there were approximately 8,706 polling locations set up for the local body elections, with 1,204 for men and 1,170 for women. According to the spokeswoman, 389 are makeshift voting places.

To maintain security, police officers and rangers were statione d at each voting place. Sikander Sultan Raja, chief election commissione. Promised on Saturday that the Election Commission, election workers, and other law enforcement agencies will do everything in their power to uphold the confidence of the people of. Hyderabad and Karachi. To guarantee that the elections go off without a hitc.  FC personnel are statio  outside the extremely sensitive voting place in addition to police and Rangers.

According to FC Commandant Salahuddin Mehsud, up to 20 FC platoons ha ve b the Sindh Police to help with maintaining security during. LG elections in Karachi and Hyderabad.

According to the instructions of the federal government, approximately 800 personnel  have been assigne  to Sindh, Mehsud added. According to the provincial police spokesperson, the security plan developed by the government of Sindh is bei ut by more than 43,605 law enforcement officers and staff. Due to security concerns and alle eats about the second round of the local government elec ns, up to 26,050 officers and employees have been pos  for election duty at 4,997 polling places in Karachi alone. Accord  to the spokeswoman, 200 FC and 500 rangers h n sent out on election duty.

Accor spokesperson, every effort is being made to protect the lives and property of the public.

On election day, more than 43,605. Karachi police officers are on duty, 17,588 of whom are statione  in the East zone. Officers, employees, and other personnel totaling 6,533, 4,837, and 6,218 have been deploye n the District East, Malir, and Korangi, respectively.  According to the spo e are personnel stationed in the South Zone, District South, District Central, and Keamari, respectively, in numbers of 11,627, 2,155, 4558, and 4914. There were 14,390 officers, personnel, and staff members deployed in the West Zone, District Central, and District West, respectively.

Additionally, about 3,800 traffic police officers have been working. They h e n place  help the staff at the polling places.

MQM-P refuses to accept LG polls’ result

Voting underway for much , which threatened to leave the coalition government in the Centre if it. Cmplaints regarding the delimita on and voter lists were not resolve re the poll. Was appeas  by Sindh’s proposal to postpone the elections for the second time in as many days. After negotiations between MQM-P Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Sha. Governor House fell down, Siddiqui spoke at a press conference in Bahaduabad while being surround  by other party officials. Siddiqui bemoa  the fact that although the ECP was establis to organise the election in a transparent way. Adid not carry out its constitutionally mandated duty of conducting new delimitations. The ECP, he claimed, would hold elections using fictitious constituencies, and “the people of Karachi would not accept the

Voting underway for muchcan we accept polling results in an election where voter lists are inaccurate and seats are not fixe. He declared that his party will not accept the results of the LG polls, claiming that the ECP had improperly managed the voter lists and corrected the delimitations. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah criticised. MQM-choice, P’s claiming that the party had legitimate concerns because it had contacted every forum to address the delimitation issue.

JI seeks free and fair polls

Voting underway for much Naeemur Rehman, the head of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) in. Karachi, has also urged the city’s citizens to use their votes to elect leaders who are trustworthy and competent. He has also urged the Sindh government and state institutions to ensure that today’s local government elections are free and fair. Speaking at a press conference on Saturday at the JI Karachi headquarters, Idara. Noor-e-Haq, Rehman applaud  the ECP’s choice to hold the elections in spite of the “illegal and unconstitutional pressure” it had been sub . In order to safeguard the future of the city of lights, he asked the populace to cast their ballots for.Karachi and put aside their political allegiances.

Control room up and running

To oversee the LG elections, the ECP has set up a central control room at the. Islamabad Election Commission Secretariat for three days.

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