Foxconn iPhone maker offers payments for finding new workers

Foxconn iPhone maker offers payments for finding new workers

Foxconn iPhone maker offers  Following instability at the largest iPhone production in the world. Apple supplier Foxconn is stepping up its recruitment efforts. Employees will earn a 1,000 yuan ($141; £117) reward for successfully referring a friend or family member to work at the company’s Zhengzhou, China, plant.
It happens following video of irate protests at the workplace that went viral online last week.
Apple has issued a warning that Covid limitations will cause a delay in the delivery of the new iPhone 14.
Employees at Foxconn who recommend a new hire will receive 500 yuan if the applicant stays on staff for 15 days. According to a post discovered by the BBC on the well-known messaging platform WeChat. They will receive an additional 500 yuan if the hire stays in the position for a full month.

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Following demonstrations at the factory in the city of Zhengzhou over Covid restrictions and claims of missed pay. Foxconn apologised last month for a “technical issue” in its payment system.
The news came after social media images surfaced of hundreds of workers squabbling with security personnel.
Greater than anticipated decline in factory activity in China
Following factory protests, iPhone maker issues an apology
angry demonstrations at the largest iPhone plant in the world
After a Covid outbreak forced staff to go into lockdown at the Foxconn facility at the end of October. Video posted online showed people jumping a fence outside the building.Foxconn iPhone maker offers.

The business then hired new personnel by promising them large bonuses. The BBC was informed by one employee that their contracts had been altered so they “could not get the subsidies promised” and that they had also been confined without food.
Before the holiday shopping season, some analysts have cautioned that the protests and Covid lockdowns had significantly impacted output in “iPhone City.”According to Dan Ives of the investment firm

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