IFFI Row over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comment

The Kashmir Files at IFFI: Row over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid's comment

IFFI Row over Israeli  Nadav Lapid’s Israel’s ambassador to India has issued a n apology for remarks made by Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid on a contentious Kashmir-related Bollywood film. The inclusion of The Kashmir Files at the festival was criticis by Nadav Lapid, head of the jury of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).
He called the movie “propaganda” and express disbelief that it was accept into the competition category. The movie, which was a big economic success, had stirred up debate before to its release. The fictional account of a university student who learns that his Kashmiri Hindu parents were murdered by Islamist terrorists takes place dur the flight of Hindus from Indian-administrat Kashmir in the 1990s.

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thousands of Kashmir Pandits, a minority community in the area. ere forced to flee their homes in the 1990s as a result of an armed uprising against Indian rule that started in the late 1980s. Many people who left the Kashmir Valley did not come back. The IFFI jury board declared Mr. Lapid’s comments to be “totally his personal view. After they prompted a significant outcry on social media. Israel’s ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, also criticised Mr. Lapid the an open letter to the director. “As a human, I feel humiliated and want to apologise to our hosts for the poor way we returned their kindness and friendliness,” he wrote. Anupam Kher, the star of The Kashmir Files, retweeted his statement.

 IFFI Row over Israeli

Nadav Lapids comment movie, which debuted but March and was a financial success, only earned average reviews from reviewers.
The movie also divided people’s views and sparked a contentious discussion on social media. With fans praising it for shedding light on a dark, violent chapter in Kashmir’s history. However, detractors labelled it “exploitative” and anti-Islamic. The government-run National Film Development Corporation of India and the Goa state government

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