China Covid Police clamp down after days of protests

China Covid Police clamp down after days of protests

China Covid Police clamp down after days of protests

China Covid Police clamp down after days of protests

As authorities step up their crackdown, China’s protests against

Covid restrictions that erupted over the weekend appear to have subsided.

Numerous cities have reported having a significant police presence, and some meetings either didn’t happen or were put down.

People reportedly had their phones inspected and were interrogated.

However, abroad Chinese have persisted in protesting, doing so in at least a dozen cities worldwide.

After a fire in a high-rise building in Urumqi, western China, killed 10 people on Thursday, protests last weekend grew more intense.

Local authorities contradict the widely held belief that Covid restrictions prevented locals from fleeing the fire.

As a result, tens of thousands protested for days in the streets, calling for an end to Covid lockdowns and, in some rare cases, calling for President Xi Jinping to step down.

But as police encircled the rallying area on Monday, Beijing’s planned protests were postponed. Along the major demonstration route in Shanghai, substantial obstacles were put up, and police arrested a number of people.

Police were seen in both cities on Tuesday morning patrolling areas where some groups on the social media app Telegram advised people congregate once more.

In contrast, dozens of protestors in Hong Kong congregated

Since the weekend protests, censorship on Chinese social media sites has intensified

Could the government dismantle zero Covid if it listened to the protesters?

Due to the nation’s low elderly immunisation rates, a dearth of highly effective domestic vaccinations, and the government’s ongoing resistance to adopting foreign vaccines, it would be challenging to do that at the present time while minimising deaths and infections.

The government faces a choice: should they import foreign vaccines

Chinese authorities still don’t seem ready to accept this result.


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