Uncomfortably Many of Pakistan Railway’s Engines are Broken

Uncomfortably Many of Pakistan Railway's Engines are Broken

Pakistan Railway’s Engines Broken In order to maintain smooth operations across the entire nation, Pakistan Railways (PR) is experiencing a shortage of operational locomotives. Only 72% of Pakistan Railway’s 461 diesel-electric locomotives are currently in use. Which is insufficient to support all of the department’s operations, according to a recent update from the department.

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Only 332 of the 461 locomotives were operational, according to a Ministry of Railways official, and 129 diesel-electric locomotives (or 28 percent) were inoperable.

Out of 129 locomotives, about 41 are regularly be overhaul and maintain. The locomotives will resume operation after the maintenance is finish, the official stat.

He emphasised the fact that 11 locomotives were involv in mishaps at different times and places. He further stated that work was now being done on the production and acquisition of spare components for these locomotives.

The official reported that 69 Distributed Power Unit (DPU) class diesel-electric locomotives had to be stopped for maintenance and needed significant upgrades. While eight locomotives had been decommission.

He said that in order to replace the out-of-date locomotives that will soon be retir. PR wants to buy 25 diesel-electric locomotives for use at various shunt points around Pakistan.

According to him, the department will purchase and build 25 shunting locomotives over the course of three years at an estimated price of Rs. 14 billion.Pakistan Railway’s Engines Broken

According to him, there are only 51 locomotives in use for this service. Whereas there are 98 shunting points spread out among different train stations throughout Pakistan.

The majority of the department’s older locomotives will also be retir. The project’s goal, according to the spokesman. Was to procure and produce 25 diesel-electric shunting locomotives with 2,000–2,200 horsepower to replace earlier models.

He continued by saying that high-horsepower locomotives will be more useful in terms of capabilities and efficiency and that the old locomotives waste a lot of fuel.

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