South Africa uses solar energy to help end power outages

South Africa uses solar energy to help end power outages

South Africa solar energy  Nolwazi Zulu, a young engineer, claims that she made the decision to “get out and do something” about the frequent power outages that plague her neighbourhood as a teenager. Ms. Zulu, who is now 25 years old, hails from rural Kwazulu-Natal on South Africa’s east coast. Since 2008, her province, like the rest of the nation, has experienced periodic blackouts known as “load-shedding.”

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This is the result of South Africa’s state-owned. Outdated electricity grid and its mostly coal-fueled power plants’ inability to meet demand. The South African government is now pursuing initiatives to increase the quantity of solar power generation in the nation in an effort to aid in the problem’s solution and enhance its environmental credentials. It does this by encouraging companies in the industry to submit bids for contracts.South Africa solar energy

Currently, the government needs to obtain an extra 1,000 megawatts of solar energy, which would power almost one million houses. In addition, 1,600 megawatts of additional onshore wind power generation are desir. Only 11% of South Africa’s electricity currently comes from renewable sources, principally wind. In a nation that receives eight to ten hours of sunlight on average every day .As opposed to the UK’s four, only 0.9% of energy used thus far comes from solar.

Art Solar, the sole maker of solar panels with South African ownership. Is one company that received one of the solar bids. “African Renewable Technology” is what the word “art” stands for. While continuing her studies at the Durban University of Technology for a diploma in electrical power engineering. Ms. Zulu works in the design department of this organisation. She claims that solar panels can provide power to the numerous rural households without mains connections in addition to assisting the national power infrastructure.

Ms. Zulu declares, “I want to establish an Art Solar branch in Ulundi [where she was

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