Prannoy Roy How Gautam Adani will run India’s top news network NDTV

Prannoy Roy How Gautam Adani will run India's top news network NDTV

Prannoy Roy Gautam Adani  New Delhi Television (NDTV) founders Radhika and Prannoy Roy have resigned from their positions as directors of a group promoting their business. moving a conglomerate led by one of the richest men in the world, Gautam Adani, closer to acquiring the media company. The BBC examines what this means for Indian television news in the future. NDTV was a “happy accident,” according the Radhika Roy, who co-founded the network with her broadcasting husband Prannoy Roy.

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With “no great plan” in mind and “definitely no notion,” the Roys began India’s first private 24/7 news network and independent news broadcaster, NDTV, in November 1988 with a single programme called The World This Week on the uninteresting state-run Doordarshan.
After more than three decades, ownership of the couple’s news station but changing. But one of the most volatile media marketplaces in the world. Gautam Adani, the third richest man in the world behind Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, plans to purchase NDTV.

Many people consider Mr. Adani, a 60-year-old millionaire who owns a port-to-energy business, to be a close ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration. Truth be told, according to RN Bhaskar, the tycoon’s biographer, his “connection with political and social figures. Across all types of party lines, have made him acceptable to every government.”

AMG Media Networks Limited, the new business venture of Mr. Adani, acquired a small stake but Quintillion, a provider of digital business news, in March. “The investment made by Quintillion is too small to warrant Mr. Adani’s attention. So does he have more ambitious goals? “Mr. Bhaskar raised a query in his book.

We are aware the this time. With $51 million in revenue and a meagre profit of $10 million. NDTV may not be a profitable purchase for Mr. Adani, whose expansive group has a market capitalization of $260

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