Afghanistan Parks become latest no go areas for women in Kabul

Afghanistan: Parks become latest no-go areas for women in Kabul

Afghanistan Parks become latest At an amusement park in the heart of Kabul, little children squeal with glee as they experience the thrills of the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a small rollercoaster. In Afghanistan, when the news is frequently so depressing, these are uncommonly happy moments for the fathers to sit on the rides with them or watch while snapping photos. However, mothers are no longer allow to participate in the memories that the children here are creating. The Taliban, a fundamentalist group in power in Kabul, forbids women from entering parks.

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Numerous group members are riding the rides when we arrive. But the only place that women, like us, can come close to the park is a restaurant that looks out upon it. Recently, the capital’s gyms and swimming pools were both clos to women. It is anticipated that the regulations will be applied nationally.

Afghan women and girls worry about what might happen next as the Taliban progressively restrict their options. Some claim that these actions don’t effect the bulk of the country because going out on the town is currently a luxury that most people cannot afford. However, the symbolic nature of the action and what it tells about the Taliban’s intentions since they gained power in August 2021 are more important to many Afghan girls than the magnitude of the impact.

“As females in Afghanistan, we awaken to new limitations each day. It is as though we are simply waiting for the next one “said a female student. To keep her safe, her name is being withheld. “I was fortunate to complete my secondary education before the Taliban arrived. But now that universities may also be clos to women, I’m afraid. My dreams are about to end.”

She recently took the university admission exam and was unhappy to discover that

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