KP Launches AI Based School Attendance System

AI-Based School Attendance System Launched in KP

KP Launches Based School  Due to an upsurge in complaints about teachers’ absences, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has deployed artificial intelligence (AI)-based video systems in schools to monitor students’ and teachers’ live attendance.

According to Zarif-ul-Mani, MD of the Elementary Schools Education Foundation (ESEF), the AI-based attendance system in the foundation schools would uphold the standard of instruction and improve student performance.


He also describ how the School Management Information System (SMIS) works to guarantee quality, accountability, and a simple transfer of scholarship cash to partners.

He also commended the ESEF’s e-governance division for reviv this project. Which had been mismanag in the past.KP Launches Based School

Additionally, the project would reduce dropout rates while guaranteeing that professors are present and that classes start on schedule.

Prior to this, the government of Sindh made the decision to take strong action against teachers who receive their wages while staying at home and neglecting their jobs.

The provincial education agency reportedly stopped more than 2,000  ghost instructors from being paid across the province.

Akbar Laghari, the education secretary for Sindh, said in a statement on the choice that they have filed a letter to the AG for Sindh asking him to cease paying the wages of 2,019 phantom instructors.

He added that the department would fire the “ghost teachers” and would do everything it took to ensure that teachers showed up for work.

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