Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse

Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse

Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse

Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse

A few hours north of Manila, the capital of the Philippines

in the shade of a garden surrounded by lush, dense forest, seven-year-old Eric grins and flashes a wide toothless grin as he discusses space travel.

Eric imagines taking a rocket to Saturn in a multicoloured rainbow. Although he recently lost his baby teeth, he is nonetheless petite for his age. His little shoulders are drooped by his white checkered shirt.

His social worker queries, “What do you cry about during therapy?” He turns to the ground and says, “I cry about my parents.

To help Eric, Maria, his sister who is 10 years

On camera, their mother repeatedly sexually abused them and committed rape on them. They were joined by their father, aunt, and uncle.

The children’s father ultimately called the police to denounce his wife and her family, purportedly following a disagreement. Payments sent to the family from accounts in the UK and Switzerland were tracked by investigators.

Months later, Eric, his brothers, and his sister found themselves at a residence managed by the Preda organisation, which aids children who have experienced sexual assault.

Ms. Baldo has also been doing it for the past 17 years. Since then, the Philippines, the largest-known source of such exploitation in the world, has seen a meteoric rise in the number of images and videos depicting child sexual exploitation.

a capacity for following directions, access to a fast internet connection, and extreme poverty

The pandemic followed. Vulnerable children were left stranded at home with mone

A team from the National Bureau of Investigation has gathered at a cemetery in Manila as daylight draws near.

The team leader provides a last briefing as pistols are loaded, flashlights



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