Lady Susan Hussey quits over remarks to charity boss Ngozi Fulani

Lady Susan Hussey quits over remarks to charity boss Ngozi Fulani

Lady Susan Hussey quits Lady Susan Hussey, the late Queen’s lady in waiting, has apologised and quit after repeatedly asking a black charity executive from Britain where she was “truly” from. At the Tuesday charity function at the palace, Ngozi Fulani, the founder of a charity, was questioned about her history. By the words made by Prince William’s godmother, Ms. Fulani claimed to be “completely astonish.” The comments were deem “inappropriate and profoundly unfortunate” by the palace. “Racism has no place in our culture,” a representative for Prince William declared. They declared that the remarks were undesirable and that it was appropriate for the person to resign with immediate effect.

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The late Queen’s close companion Lady Hussey, 83, attended her to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last year.
She had been a significant and well-respected member of the Royal Family for many years, and her most recent position had included assisting to arrange events at Buckingham Palace.

The issue was “larger than one individual,” according to Ms. Fulani, who spoke with the Independent website. This racism is institutionalis.
She said, “I was in shock after it happened and anyone who knows me knows I don’t take this kind of nonsense.
“However, I had a lot to think about. I was in a position as a black person where I wanted to speak up, but I was afraid that if I did, Sistah Space, my charity, would be destroyed because it would be assumed that I was to blame. It would be something like, “Oh, she’s got a chip on her shoulder.”
Lady Hussey shouldn’t be “vilified,” Ms. Fulani stated.
Mandu Reid, who was present during the conversation, told BBC News that Lady Hussey’s inquiries had been “offensive, racist, and unwelcoming.”

Even though Ms. Fulani had already stated that she was born and raised in the

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