100 Days My Prince (2018)


Lee Yul, Crown Prince of Joseon, is a perfectionist who disregards most royal palace nobles. His cold and demanding demeanor masks deeply-rooted loneliness. He comes to pass a law stating that Korean citizens of marriageable age must wed before the age of 28. Hong Shim is a strong, intelligent woman who supports herself and her father. After an attempt on his life, Crown Prince Lee Yul is severely injured and finds himself under the care of the Hong household. He’s experiencing temporary amnesia, and now unaware of his identity, he is free to wander at will as a commoner. Due to the law, he himself passed, Hong Shim, now the oldest unmarried woman in her village, must marry or face punishment from officials. Lee Yul proposes to Hong Shim that they ought to marry. Can their budding romance withstand Lee Yul’s eventual recovery, with his memory fully intact?

Director: Lee Jong Jae, Nam Sung Woo

También conocido como: Baekilui Nanggoonnim Hundred Days' Husband Dear Husband of 100 Days 百日的郎君 100 Days of Husband Baekilui Nanggunnim Husband for 100 Days


Estado: Terminado

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